White Buffalo Coffee Company has developed its own unique a set of product values, which taken together become our “Smudge Certified” designation.

All products offered by First People Foods will meet the follow 7 criteria:

1. All food products are sourced in an ecologically sustainable manner.

2. All food products are sourced, wherever possible, from Indigenous-owned suppliers.

3. All food products that are not sourced from Indigenous-owned suppliers are considered
traditional Indigenous food (plants, fish, game.)

4. All partner entities are committed to the principles of reconciliation.

5. All partner entities are committed to corporate social responsibility.

6. All food products are labelled accurately and transparently.

7. All food products meet accepted food standards and practice for the jurisdiction

The development of Smudge Certified

Smudging is an Indigenous cultural ceremony practiced in different ways by many First Nations across Canada. The practice of smudging is at heart a cleansing ceremony, allowing the participant to be spiritually cleansed and re-grounded to Creation.

By ensuring that all Drum Circle Foods products are smudge certified, we are committed to our principles, and customers of Drum Circle Foods know they are supporting products that align with these principles.